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Please take care in completing the form, as any incorrect information or non-disclosures could affect any future claims.

Wedding Insurance

Cover Required? (To upgrade from the Band 1 cover included, please transfer the relevant payment, before you submit this form, to Bespoke; Account No. 11564153, Sort Code 40-10-07).

Marquee cover required? (This is not included- price available on application). This should not be rquired at any of our venues, as if your wedding venue has their own marquee where you will be holding your reception, then they will be responsible for it and the marquee extension is not required.

Ceremonial sword cover required? (Price on application).

To the best of your knowledge do you or any members of your family currently hold Insurance policies with us, or have you or they done so in the past?

Have you or any person normally residing with you ever received a police caution, been convicted of a criminal offence or have a prosecution pending?

Have you or any other person to whom this Insurance will apply ever had a proposal form declined, refused renewal, cover cancelled, or special terms imposed by an insurer?

Have you sustained any Previous Loss or Claim?

Have you or any person to whom this Insurance will apply ever suffered from diabetes, epilepsy, heart condition or any other physical infirmity or disease, nor had any condition controlled by drugs?

Are you involving the services of a Wedding Planner/Event Management/Third Party Company?

12 + 13 =

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