Nicholas richards & helen mount

5th september 2019


Helen & Nicholas have been selected as The Priest House by the River Bespoke Competition Winners! They have won the Wedding of their dreams, the prize includes Venue Hire, and a Food & Drinks Package!

After being selected to win the Venue Hire at The Priest House by the River as part of Round One of the Bespoke Competition Helen & Nicholas were required to write about how they met or their proposal for the chance to win further prizes!



Here is their story which the judges loved, and resulted in them being chosen as the Round Two winners, for the Food & Drink package prize!

helen & nicholas

It was a terrible grasp on geography that brought us together – we met online, but without quite realising how far Southend, Essex was from Derby we began chatting – finding common ground in a mutual love of stand-up comedy and fussing cats.

Finally we met up in person and it was from then we knew we had found someone special – after a year or so of long drives to and from Derby each weekend to see each other we decided to take the plunge and for Helen to move Derby to live with Nick. After the initial shock of realising that Cobs are a type of roll and that duck is what people call you and not what you feed cobs too, she settled in well.  So we expanded our cat brood to two and became a little family.  Cut to 2018 and a surprise weekend away to Cardiff  where Nick got down on one knee and proposed in front of Cardiff Castle Keep – She said yes! Knowing that he was the kindest, funniest and most well- bearded man she could ever wish for. 

We are beyond happy to have won the 2nd round of the Bespoke Weddings competition. Everyone we have met from Bespoke has been amazing and had made the whole experience really enjoyable. Can’t wait to celebrate our big day at the Priest House. Thank you again, Helen & Nick xxx


Special thanks to the following WVSA Accredited Suppliers for providing prizes.

ABOUT priest house by the river

Set in a tranquil and stunning location on the banks of the River Trent, The Priest House’s history is a rich one that can be traced back almost 1,000 years. 

Built around a mill tower with its very own water wheels, this 42 bedroom hotel is perfectly placed for a romantic break, an exclusive conference venue or a picture perfect wedding.


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